I've attempted to create a number of designs for Threadless, if you are not familiar is a 24-7 online T-shirt contest. I've developed an obsession with the site, and American Apparel t-shirts. Hopefully one day I'll get something on one of their shirts. The three below are of a Frog from a Portuguese Fable, Hera - Queen of the Greek Gods, and my little shout out to Hippies everywhere. All are were created in Illustrator.


Stef said...

I love these and I will find my friend and hunt them down so that you get on their stuff! Did you know they opened up a store in CHI?

Michael Coates said...

Haha ... I appreciate you cheerleading for me! I'm actually working on a couple more Ideas to submit to them.

I haven't been to the store yet - but I absolutely can not wait to go!