Cowboy Gus

For Christmas this year, I painted Gus for my Dad. Gus was a favorite of his when I was a child. Played by Robert Duvall, he was the central(and most likable character) in the "Lonesome Dove" movie series.

Carla Number Two

Here is a second portrait I've done of my dear friend Carla. I've been using some amazing photos of her, and I have been enjoying working with some new mediums. Hopefully I'll get started on the third and final of Carla after the new year begins. I have some special projects to work on before then.

New Direction

I have taken a little bit of a new direction in my paintings as of late. I'm using charcoal and pastel rather than graphite. I'm also using less acrylic, and exploring more oil based and metallic paints. I've also decided to incorporate the dozens of line drawings I've collected, and create more organic backgrounds to the portraits.

So, here is my latest piece. The photo quality is terrible (I took it in a hurry with my phone). I'll get a better version up soon. It's titled "Departure".


My best friend and I took an intro class to fashion design for six weeks not too long ago. I learned a ton, and while my skills in sewing don't compare to my friends, I still managed to learn quite a bit.

Since none of the items I created in class turned out wearable, I was determined to put my new hobby to good use. So using left over t-shirt knits, and some various scraps, I made this gray, black and purple scarf.

My goal is to learn how to construct some of my favorite menswear items such as waistcoats or skinny ties.


Here is the finished piece. I ended up adding a little bit more a few weeks ago, so here is an updated picture.

Jordan & Elena

I had the honor of shooting my good friend Elena and her fiance Jordan this past weekend for some engagement shots. I've never done photography, let alone portraiture as a job, but I thought it'd be fun and good practice.

I think they turned out alright. I just hope the happy couple likes them.

You can see most of the HERE.

The Miller Farm

I was up north once again visiting my friends parents farm. It was a beautiful weekend with perfect weather for some photos...

See the all HERE

Obama Contest (unfinished)

A good friend alerted me of this neat contest running through to the Democratic National Convention. So, over a few hours sunday night I began this. Unfortunately since I didn't read the deadline correctly, I missed the cut-off at noon yesterday. But the good news is that I'm still going to finish him this week, and if anything at least I got some new work done.

Farm Camping

Last weekend my friends and I headed up to northern WI to do some camping. We stayed at my friend AJ's beautiful farm. I only took pictures for about an hour, as I had camping activites to attend to - but here are the results.

Click here to see them all!

"Hold Your Hand"

I finished this guy rather quick on Sunday. It was so nice out this weekend it was hard to stay in & focus, so I brought him outdoors with me. The best part, I got on quite the kick and started two more after him!

(again sorry for the crappy quality. It's about time to get a new digicam.)

Arizona Hike

I was home last weekend in Prescott. Every morning I went on a hike near my parents place up this beautiful trail near Thumb Butte. It's spring in AZ, so all of the flowers were in bloom, and the cactus has just began to grow their flowering buds. Here are some pictures.

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Number three of eight. I'm trying to complete these within small amounts of time, such as an afternoon. I see these more as practice work than anything else - especially since using charcoal on the wood was rather unfamiliar territory. I still think I need to sand the wood down more.

"Despite The Tears"

I finished this one over the weekend. I'm not terribly happy with it yet, but I'm glad to be getting more work done. The goal is to have 2 more by the weeks end.

Just a bit More

I added some finishing touches to these two. I'm happy I did. The picture quality is rather poor though, sorry!

Not original

These are two of three ocean texture inspired tiles I am creating. I've barely dabbled in sculpture - but when I saw a seller on creating these I was inspired to steal the idea. These are for my own personal collection - and I would have supported the seller, alas I didn't have the extra cash. Please visit Element Clay Studio & check out the amazing work.

This one is "Scales"

This one is "Coral Polups"

For Holly

Finished this one on Sunday, it was a quickie. The random title is inspired by the song I had in my head the entire time. This is #2 of 8.

Back in Business

Finished this one last night. She is one of eight I'm doing in charcoal & white pencil on birch.

"Behind Her Eyes She Whispers"

Creepy Barn in Appleton

I was in Appleton this past weekend. Shaun and I went out and found this strange barn and a nature preserve. All I had on me was Black & White film. It was good for the barn, but I really just don't like B&W film.

See them all HERE!


It has been a busy & crazy start to 2008. I've been taking photos & working though - so I'll have some updates very soon.

"In My Heart"

Just finished this guy today today. These are going a bit slower than I would like, but I am excited to begin the next one this week.

Utah Trees

I recently went on a Ski vacation with my parents to Park City Utah. It was lovely and picturesque. Apparently though - all I could take pictures of were trees.

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