I will be featured in a gallery opening next week here in Milwaukee at a new gallery named CAGGIO. I'm thrilled and honored to be part of this event and hope to have about 8 -15 painting for sale. This includes the one below, which as of today is SOLD. It's my first to sell from the show, and I am so thankful to its new owner.

This piece is titled "Clyde" and is charcoal and acrylic on pine and is 6''x6''. While the original is no longer available, I will have 100 limited edition prints ready for pre-order.

Native American Cheif

I forget his name, as soon as I can track it down - I will use that for the title. Anyways, I finished this one last night for my Mom. This one was a fun challenge because I was able to use copper leaf for the first time. It's hard to tell in the photo, but every other square is copper with turquoise peaking through.

In Progress

I'm painting this guy for my Mom. It's not only mother's day, but her birthday this month. I'm excited to get to the next steps on him, which include turquoise paint & copper leaf!