More Photos

I took a roll of film this weekend, just around my house. I wanted to play with natural indoor lighting, as well as the flash. Well, as you will see, none of my indoor photos turned out. Only the few I took outside seemed to work out. Even those few I'm rather disappointed in. I believe I have a lot to learn...

See all of them HERE

Unfinished #1

I have about 5 unfinished drawings. When I start a drawing, I give myself around a week to finish it - otherwise I usually loose interest & I never revisit the piece. This however is not the case with Miss Fiona below. I don't know why but I am compelled to finish her. Maybe it's her taunting eyes ...

Subject: Fiona
Medium: Pencil

Abstract #1

This is a painting I did not to long ago. I love the idea of creating large areas of blurred color and then using white or black to make high contrast shapes & designs. I've just recently began a series of paintings like this one - so hopefully I'll have more to share soon.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Tori x Three

This was another MIAD Project. We used Black Gouache to create 3 pieces. One just black & white, one with b&w and 2 grey tones, and the third with b&w and 4 grey tones. I really like how this piece turned out - mostly because it is one of my favorite pictures of Tori Amos.

Subject: Tori Amos
Medium: Gouache

Lady India

I don't remember who she is. But she is a model and this photo was from a shoot in Interview Magazine. This was done in pencil, and was for a project I did at MIAD.

Subject: Indian Model
Medium: Pencil

Photos: Arizona Trip

My Dad gave me his nice camera on my last visit home. I've taken hundreds of photos in my life. Usually your typical drunk-in-a-bar shots, or random group photos on road trips. I have never taken pictures for art sake. Well, now that I have my hands on a fancy camera - I thought I'd give it a try. Allow me to introduce you to my new obsession.

These are just a couple of my favorite shots from Arizona and a trip to the Grand Canyon. You can see all of them HERE


I just adore Ms. Imogen Heap. I made yet another (failed) design for This one however, will be made into a shirt - when I have the time & cash.


I've attempted to create a number of designs for Threadless, if you are not familiar is a 24-7 online T-shirt contest. I've developed an obsession with the site, and American Apparel t-shirts. Hopefully one day I'll get something on one of their shirts. The three below are of a Frog from a Portuguese Fable, Hera - Queen of the Greek Gods, and my little shout out to Hippies everywhere. All are were created in Illustrator.

Geisha Lips

When I read "Memoirs of a Geisha" many years ago I completely fell in love with the culture. I threw myself into the history of it, checking out endless books at the library, and even purchasing documentaries from A&E. I still have a deep admiration for those women, and their lifestyle. They are a beautiful art. This was done with many many layers of colored pencil.

Subject: Geisha
Medium: Colored Pencil