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Cover Shot

The vogue ladies behind Haute Apple Pie (HAP), have been overwhelmingly supportive of my art. I've been able to work with them on a few photo shoots for their amazing blog and they have even been kind enough to pose for some of my paintings.

Their stylish tips, modern aesthetic, and delicious ideas keep an ever-growing number of fans tuning in each week. They have gained such a following, that local business have begun to take notice.

Outpost recently featured HAP as the cover story in their magazine and online. The photo coincidentally was taken my me. So thank you to Katie, Stephanie and Anne for not only being creative inspirations yourselves, but for all of your support. I look forward to watching the HAP empire grow ... Martha had better watch out!

Art for Charity Auction

I've donated five pieces for an auction for the Westside Healthcare Association Gallery night this Friday, April 16th 2010. It's going to be a really neat event with a large number of local and talented artists. There will be silent bidding for everything donated thought out the evening as well as food, drink, and a raffle. Go to for more info!

On the same night, head to my favorite gallery in Milwaukee, Caggio, and check out the unbelievable work they have now.

Here are the two paintings and the three photos I donated!

From the Last Show

Just wanted to get a few photos of the last show on here. I'm revamping my website, so these will be up on there soon enough.

Saint Josephine

This is a piece I finished a few days ago for the Eisner Museum's upcoming charity silent auction. The party to support the museum should be a blast. For more info on the event follow the link above and go to the "I Love the Eisner" event page.

This was done with Charcoal, acrylic and copper. The photo I used was taken by the amazing John Kenny. His work is truly inspirational.

Saint Josephine Bakhita is venerated as a modern African saint, and as a saint with a special relevance to slavery and oppression. She has been adopted as the patron saint of Sudan.

Opening Countdown ...

With the opening just one week away, I am working diligently on the remaining few paintings. I will have twelve total in this series I am titling "Plume". Last night, I wrapped up a piece featuring my beautiful friend Katie. The photo below was taken quickly about half way through the process.

I hope to see everyone next Friday, here is a link to the event information.

Happy New Year & much love!

Another Preview

Here are a couple of pieces I've done for the next show. There is still quite a bit of work to do, but i'll get there. Happy Holidays!

Whats to Come

Here is a small preview of what I have been working on (she's very unfinished). It looks like I will have my next opening at Caggio Gallery on Friday January 15th 2010! All of the pieces in this will fit a still untitled theme - but everything will be dark, mysterious and monochrome. I'm exploring a lot of new technique with oil and will be incorporating unusual textures in these pieces. I want people to want to touch them. The other plus, I've been shooting my own models, so everything is totally original from the start.

In related news, I'll be updated the look of this blog and my website. Business has been booming and I want everything to reflect the more solid design aesthetic I have developed. Stay tuned!

Boy In Blue

So I was commissioned to paint a friends son. She took the amazing photo that I worked from, and left the rest up to me. I added ginkgo leaves because in Japan they represent hope for the future. I thought that was a good symbol to include on this little guy playing in the leaves.

I'm For Sale

I am now selling PRINTS of many of my paintings through I am excited to see how this works out. The response to my last opening was overwhelming (thank you to everyone who came to support me) so I thought this was a much more affordable way to get my work into the hands of those who can't buy the originals.

Buy Handmade


I will be featured in a gallery opening next week here in Milwaukee at a new gallery named CAGGIO. I'm thrilled and honored to be part of this event and hope to have about 8 -15 painting for sale. This includes the one below, which as of today is SOLD. It's my first to sell from the show, and I am so thankful to its new owner.

This piece is titled "Clyde" and is charcoal and acrylic on pine and is 6''x6''. While the original is no longer available, I will have 100 limited edition prints ready for pre-order.

Native American Cheif

I forget his name, as soon as I can track it down - I will use that for the title. Anyways, I finished this one last night for my Mom. This one was a fun challenge because I was able to use copper leaf for the first time. It's hard to tell in the photo, but every other square is copper with turquoise peaking through.

In Progress

I'm painting this guy for my Mom. It's not only mother's day, but her birthday this month. I'm excited to get to the next steps on him, which include turquoise paint & copper leaf!


Finished him tonight. I still need to paint the edges, but I was to eager to get him online. Wednesday I'm heading to the supply store to get the stuff to begin my next painting for my mama.

Final Website Edits

I made a few final changes to my site & all I have left is to upload a few more of the design pages.