Hard Sun

New Threadless Sub (let's hope it gets approved). This was inspired by the Novel/Movie "Into the Wild". I suggest everyone experience both - they're life-changing.

"I Know"

I just finished this last night. I may put one more coat of polyurethane on it still. (I like my art shiny). Anyways, I titled it "I Know" and she is #1 of five or six I have planned for a series. I used graphite pencil on the portrait, and acrylic with gloss medium for the color all on unfinished Birch. The photo quality isn't very good, I took the picture with my digital last night. More to come soon...

Apple Picking

I went to the Elegant Farmer with a group of good friends over the weekend. It was a nice opportunity to practice with the new camera. Some of the photos turned out really well. It helps to have such photogenic friends though :).

To see all of the photos click HERE

Naked & Angry

Part of the Threadless.com family. N&A develops wallpaper, ties, notebooks and other fun things based off of popular pattern submissions. Since my Damask print failed (miserably) at Threadless, I sent it over to N&A. I swear, those folks at Threadless are just SO hard to please.

Anyways - Check it out HERE

In Progress

Just thought I'd take a little break from working on this. This one is number uno of a series of six I am going to do. It is pencil & acrylic on Birch. She's nearly 50% done. I need to finish the yellow around her then I've got a couple other things to paint on. The goal is to be done by the end of the week....

Threadless Sub #2

Here is another submission for threadless. I have a profound obsession with Damask anything. Thanks for your $5 votes!!

New Threadless Sub!

I've got a new T-Shirt design on Threadless.com. Follow the banner below to check it out. Thanks for all of your $5 votes & support!

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