New Direction

I have taken a little bit of a new direction in my paintings as of late. I'm using charcoal and pastel rather than graphite. I'm also using less acrylic, and exploring more oil based and metallic paints. I've also decided to incorporate the dozens of line drawings I've collected, and create more organic backgrounds to the portraits.

So, here is my latest piece. The photo quality is terrible (I took it in a hurry with my phone). I'll get a better version up soon. It's titled "Departure".


My best friend and I took an intro class to fashion design for six weeks not too long ago. I learned a ton, and while my skills in sewing don't compare to my friends, I still managed to learn quite a bit.

Since none of the items I created in class turned out wearable, I was determined to put my new hobby to good use. So using left over t-shirt knits, and some various scraps, I made this gray, black and purple scarf.

My goal is to learn how to construct some of my favorite menswear items such as waistcoats or skinny ties.


Here is the finished piece. I ended up adding a little bit more a few weeks ago, so here is an updated picture.